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pablophonic, which one you want? 

but think of the witchcraft and dreamwork…

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Rodney Mullen
  • Question: Do you have any cosplay tips? - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    // Ahh okay! Prolly gonna repeat a lot of my other posts but I have new followers, so…

    • Wear makeup! Foundation to even skin and eye makeup are the bare minimum to get decent photos. Even if you don’t really wear much or whatever, photos are an asshole when it comes to washing you out or showing uneven skintone, etc. Weeeear makeup.
    • Go to meetups, talk to photographers and other cosplayers, message others on facebook. Getting your foot in the door in the community helps a lot for getting help when you need it.
    • Ask photographers for shoots. You don’t need to be a famous cosplayer for people to want to take pictures of you (often for free). Go ahead and ask; the worst they can tell you is that they can’t.
    • If your skills lie out of the realm of sewing, feel free to pursue other cosplay skills such as wig styling, armor-making, screen printing, etc. and share those with friends who sew. It’s A-ok that you don’t make everything in your costume. Work together!
    • It’s also okay if you buy your entire costume. If you’re in cosplay for the fun > the craft, power to ya! Don’t let anyone shame you for having fun.
    • On the shame thing, don’t let anyone shame you for size, skin-color, gender, etc. Wear whatever the fuck you want, and be fuckin fierce doing it. It’s no one’s job to put you down for doing something you enjoy.
    • What you may lack in elaborate costuming at first, make up with props, character references, etc.
    • Study your character’s poses. Likewise even if your costume is simple, being in character for photos can easily make up for any of that!
    • If you wanna cosplay a character, but their outfit is too complex, feel free to make alternate costumes, incorporating elements of the character in order to be recognizable.

    ahhh that’s all I got for now. I hope this helps!

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My new goal in life is to be as happy as this cat.

look at it’s little furry nuts

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